The simplest truth in photography is that every photograph tells a story, but selecting the right storyteller is not quite as simple. Reem Abousaif has spent the last 17 years of her life dedicated to mastering her technique for this reason: it is the honor of a lifetime to help tell someone’s story through the art of photography. Her passion for visual arts was ignited in college where she studied graphic design and became intrigued by the ability of a single image to convey such depth of emotion and meaning. Photography was a natural extension of this, but it wasn’t until her children were born that she realized the importance of documenting each fleeting, precious moment. This inspired her to pick up her first DSLR camera and embark upon a life-altering career path.

Studio Reem was founded in 2015 with the mission of capturing the timeless moments along life’s journey. “Timeless” because if done properly, a photograph viewed twenty years later should convey the same feelings…the same character…the same vibrance…as if it were in real time. Reem’s ability to deliver this unique gift across different focus areas of photography – whether it be family (engagement to newborn), special events, or even runway fashion – has created a diverse and loyal base of clients that include high profile organizations like Komen Foundation and OC Fashion Week. She has also received international recognition, with recent features in England’s Ross Parry Newspaper and acclaimed fashion media agency Runway Dubai. Reem’s transition into the world of fashion photography has been a natural one. Her artistic eye and designer background allow her to assist clients with developing creative concepts and then bringing them to life on camera. 

Whether shooting in her Irvine studio or on-location somewhere in beautiful Southern California, Reem is dedicated to the custom, detail-oriented work that she provides to each of her valued clients, with whom she builds lasting professional relationships and friendship. And even while holding a Bachelor of Arts from Marymount University, she continues to be a lifelong student of her craft, participating in online courses and live workshops that allow her to further refine her photography and editing skills. 

When not behind the lens, Reem is devoted to sharing love and laughter with her amazing husband and three handsome sons. Her career and personal life have a common thread; savoring the moments. And so she takes time to enjoy a rich cup of morning coffee, the art of home décor, exploring the world through travel, and those rare but necessary occasions to spend time alone, usually in the form of a long walk on the beach while flying her drone. 

So, what is the next visual story you are looking to tell? Become inspired by browsing Studio Reem’s extensive portfolio, and then email [email protected] to schedule your consultation right away. Your storyteller awaits!