Where do the sessions take place?

I offer both on location and in my home studio sessions depending on the type of session.  I also have plenty of locations that we can choose from and I am always open to new ideas as well! Southern California is full of great places to choose from. Session locations can be anywhere from your favorite park to your backyard, or even on the beach!

Can you tell me a little bit more about Newborn sessions?

Newborn Sessions are best when your infant is within the first two weeks of birth. It is very easy in the excitement of having a new baby home to forget about photographing the precious baby! Timing is really critical in scheduling your newborn session. Newborn Sessions should be booked at least 1 1/2 months in advance as only a limited number of newborns are scheduled each month to insure we are free to make you and your little one our biggest priority. Newborn sessions usually take a bit longer than other ones, and can last 2 hours or more, so make sure to give yourself and your new baby plenty of time for the shoot! For more on newborn sessions and how they work, please use the contact page, and I will send you a packet with more details.

What do I need to supply or bring for newborn session?

Nothing! Everything you need for a newborn session is located at the studio. If your session is not in our studio, I will bring the props. Feel free to bring anything you'd like to add to the session. If you need assistance on choosing an outdoor location, wardrobe advice, or have any specific requests, I am happy to go over ideas with you before the shoot.

Why does the session need to be paid in full 48 hours prior to the session?

When you schedule a session, I reserve the time slot for you and only you. By prepaying your session you can be assured, that the time you reserved will be available for you. 

“My baby is jaundice and splotchy - shouldn't we wait until it clears up?”

Absolutely not! Any skin imperfections can be fixed post process by myself. Most newborns do have skin issues, because they aren’t used to being outside of Mama yet, so I expect it!

“How long will my newborn photography session take?” 

Newborn photography sessions take anywhere from 2-3 hours, depending on the baby. Multiple newborns may take even longer. I will allow enough time for feeding and comforting. Don’t stress out if your session is taking a long time.  I have blocked out at least half a day to do your session.

“May I bring baby’s grandparents, aunts or uncles to the session?”

I recommend that only the baby’s parents (or 1 helper besides mom) attend the session. My home studio space is limited in seating. It will could warm and possibly uncomfortable for spectators. Please plan on bringing only baby's immediate family.

“Can I take photos on my cell phone during the session to show my friends?”

My contract states that there are to be no other photos taken during your session besides my own. I want your precious photos that I create to be a complete surprise to everyone! You are, however, welcome to take a shot of me posing your baby as a “behind the scenes” type of shot. I love to see pictures of me doing the work that I love! Just let me know when you plan to take a candid shot of me working!

“Why do I only get a selection of final images instead of all of them?”

Realistically, not all of your images will be worthy of frames or albums. I will have many shots of crying, odd/unpleasant facial expressions. Those shots will be deleted upon culling through the photos to ensure you receive the best images. I would much rather provide you with several perfect images that will be blown up into canvases and printed into books instead of many imperfect images that will be stored away in a drawer and rarely viewed.

“What is your turn around time?”

I will provide you with a couple of sneak peeks within a few days of your session, and I should have your session completed within 2 weeks.

"What is your Return Policy?"

Please note, that all prints and other products are specially created just for you. Therefore, all sales are final and there are no returns or exchanges. Studio Reem follows a no minimum order policy. If you choose not to order any products after your session, you will be only charged for your session fee. All our portrait sessions requires a session fee to be paid in advance to formally schedule your appointment.  Your session fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.  All prices and fees are subject to change without notice.